Paranormal Pictures - How To Photograph Ghosts

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Paranormal Pictures  - How To Photograph Ghosts

Do you want to do a paranormal investigation and see if you are able to get some true personal proof of the existing of otherworldly entities? If so, there are various ways for you to do so.

One way you can investigate the otherworldly reel is by taking photographs and record videos and see if anything paranormal shows up in the picture.

How to Capture Ghosts on Photos?

Fist of all you should have a good camera to work with on your supernatural investigation.

Now you have to find a place you would like to take pictures or footages. This could for instance be a burial ground, castles, old buildings, famous paranormal places, etc. But as the spirits can be anywhere, you do not have to go to any specific place, but the chances of catching a ghost may be greater at places where people have already experienced ghostly activities.

When you go to that place where you would like to investigate, you might want to have someone with you and take pictures of, as some spirits are attracted to people and so this could increase your probability of getting a ghost footage.

It is very important to remember, to be patient. The chances of catching a ghost on photos are extremely small, and you therefore have to not get frustrated and be really patient. But the likelihood of catching orbs in your pictures are much higher though.

Theories on What Orbs Are

There are many explanations of what orbs are. Some people think that they are spirits and spiritual energies, others say they are angels while some say that they are only lights created by reflection.

The different things that could make orb-like lights in your pictures can be dust and dirt if you for instance are outside, light reflecting in a shiny surface, bugs, fog, etc. so when you get an orb-like light ball in your picture you have to make sure it could not have been created be anything else. If you catch the orb on a video-camera, you can also study the movement of the orb and see if it seems strange and unnatural for any bug or dust particle.

Protection Against Energies

You do not know what type of spiritual energies you are working with, you should protect yourself before and after you go on your ghost hunting investigation. This can be in form of a protection meditation, where you will surround yourself with strong and powerful positive energy and create a fence between you and other energy sources. Some want to connect with angels and ask for their protection when they have to connect with the spiritual world. So if you believe in angelic beings you can contact one, such as the archangel Michael, who can help you remove negative energies that may come close to you.

When You been on your paranormal investigation you may want to do a cleansing exercise, to remove all the different types of energy that may have attach them selves to you. It does not matter No matter what type of energy it is, good or bad, you want to get rid of it and leave it, so that you do not bring anything with you home.

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Paranormal Pictures

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Paranormal Pictures - How To Photograph Ghosts

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This article was published on 2012/03/28